Silver Seedling was launched late in 2015, by Nikki Hollett. 

She is a mother of two sparkling gems, Opal and Cassia, and a loving wife to her tree climbing husband, Ryan. 

Inspired by her love of nature, sacred objects and natural elements, and her desire to be close to her family, this venture was created. With over 6 years under her belt as a metalsmith and the last 3 years running 2 different successful artisan businesses, this is the evolution of her journey. 

The Talisman line is designed and hand constructed in her home studio on the east coast of Vancouver Island. The designs are then sent to a casting house in Vancouver where they are cast into sterling silver. Once back a the studio, Nikki adds her hand built finishing touches to every piece. All chains are made in studio as well, using the best precious metals available. Designs are inspired by natural elements, faery tales, animal spirits and ancient wisdom of the heart. Crystals are added to many of the pieces to add an even deeper layer of energy and meaning to the talismans. Semi custom designs are available.

The Heirloom (also know as Mama Metal) line is all hand built using a fusing technique which allows her to avoid toxic chemicals and solder. 

Each design is built on the foundation that the magic of the movement and music will be a practical/meaningful piece of jewellery for both mama and child. The designs are simple and timeless, making them a perfect gift to give to a daughter/daughter-in-law on a wedding day / bellyblessing / babyshower. Durable and strong enough to last until its time to gift on to the next generation! 

Removable chains allow for endless combinations as you build your collection of pendants/centrepieces. Keeping the configuration changing is great fun for mom, but also for your child. Watch them explore the changing shapes and sounds each piece makes. With luck, your child will no longer be entertained by pulling your hair, and pinching your skin!

*Heirloom/Mama Metal designs are great for gentle pulling but they are NOT a toy/teething necklace. Inspect regularly, Never leave child intending with necklace and discourage child from putting necklace in their mouth.

*Built to be strong but not indestructible. It is important to observe regularly the condition of your necklaces. Chains will break under a certain amount of weight and this is a good thing! Please contact about repairs if your Silver Seedling pieces are in need of some proffesional TLC.